In the US alone, 35,000,000 people do not have enough food. While 25,000,000 receive Food Stamps, the computer system shows that most recipients use their benefits up by the 3rd week of the month and are left to scramble for other sources of food.  Worldwide the problem is much worse.

We're starting out small but we have great ambitions.  Right now, every Thursday in New Port Richey, Florida, lunch for 80 to 100 people is prepared in the commercial kitchen at Community Humanitarian Services Center (CHS) then taken to a local Homeless Center.  It is a small beginning but it is a good beginning.

Food for India

The Corona virus, COVID-19, is a worldwide pandemic but it is the poor that face the most difficult time. These are families of a very poor community in Gurgaon, India that are locked down and have extreme difficulty obtaining food for themselves and their children. Starting March 27th, BKH started providing over 600 vegetarian meals and fruit each day. As of 04/21/20 we distributed 26,692 vegetarian meals. Each day, we bring a different menu, this particular day it was Rice Grams, mixed vegetables and a pickle. We will continue until their lockdown is over, now scheduled for the 3rd of May.

Ashraf, a BKH  manager put the plan together. He went to a local small restaurant, which is also closed because of no customers, and he asked the guy to cook foods for this distribution.  This is just one example of BKH marshalling the forces for good and responding to the needs of people when and wherever they need us.


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