Health Services

Billions of people in the world do not have access to the basic healthcare which we take for granted.  Governments have attempted to alleviate this problem but until such time as they succeed, the BKH Humanitarian Foundation stands ready to marshal the forces of good in the US and the world to see that to the extent possible all people have access to basic healthcare.

We are looking to set up humanitarian service centers that will provide basic healthcare services either onsite or through referrals to participating providers at little or no cost to our clients.

Already we have a health clinic set up in the town of Bihar in Darbhanga, India and nearby an eye clinic.  These clinics are a bright light in the darkness of disease.

Malawi in Africa

Malawi is country in Southern Africa where the people are really poor and hungry. In the village of Chikoti they did not have any form of healthcare.  BKH and its partner Our AIM built a medical center including a pharmacy for this village thus its people now have an improved quality of life.


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