Out of necessity, the forces of good must act to provide Healthcare to some portion of the millions overlooked by governmental programs -- with no strings attached.


We know education is the key to prosperity. Find out how BKH is planning to help people help themselves, see our progress so far and consider joining the effort.


Millions, many of which are children, go to bed hungry each night. This is unacceptable and BKH is committed to changing this in the foreseeable future.

COVID-19 Response

The Corona virus, COVID-19, is a worldwide pandemic but it is the poor that face the most difficult time. These are families of a very poor community in India that are locked down and have extreme difficulty obtaining food for themselves and their children. Starting March 27th, BKH started providing over 600 vegetarian meals and fruit each day. We will continue until their lockdown is over, now scheduled for the 3rd of May.

Ashraf, a BKH manager, put the plan together. He went to a local small restaurant, which is also closed because of no customers, and he asked the guy to cook foods for this distribution.  This is just one example of BKH marshalling the forces for good and responding to the needs of people when and wherever they need us.

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