We know that literacy and higher education are the keys to prosperity. In the US there are over 12,000,000 recent immigrants, many of whom do not speak English, and thus are severely limited in their ability to participate in the American dream.  Worldwide the problem is even worse.  Illiteracy is rampant and skill training is hard to come by, hence, certain poverty. Yes, here also, there is much to do.

We're just getting started but already in the rural village of Gaura in Darbhanga, India we have a training program wherein women are taught seamstress skills, cutting and sewing, so they can participate in the thriving Indian textile industry.  This is life-changing for our graduates because it provides their families with a certain income for the first time.

We also provide guidance and, on a small scale, financial assistance to those seeking to acquire the skills necessary to support themselves and their family in a dignified manner.

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Education in Africa

In the southern African country of Malawi there is a poor village named Chikoti.  This impoverished community lacked the basics in terms of Nutrition, Healthcare and Education.

BKH and our partner, Our AIM, addressed all the issues including Education.  They had a school but their classroom had almost no materials or tables.  We supplied them with equipment and supplies and now they have classes in basic adult education and computer technology.

computer class

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